Treeman added to the team

Latest addition to the team: a Treeman. Hummm.

As one can see in the two games previously covered, Wood Elves teams tend to get beaten up quite heavily. The way to do something about that is to either add Wardancers or a Treeman. The Treeman is really slow, but where you put him there he will remain - and any unlucky opposing model entangled with him. Reason enough to paint one up.

In 1997 I used the Warhammer Fantasy Durthu model for my Blood Bowl games as well. However, I was never really happy with it because Durthu Looks like he is about to smash something and while that may happen in Blood Bowl as well, he looks more like he is smashing a war machine or a barricade.

What I used to run in Blood Bowl in 1997 as well. (belloflostsoulds.net)

Either way, in 2008 I purchased a couple more treemen and as I was thinking this week about adding a treeman to my Blood Bowl team again, I remembered to have one in the basement that could fit the bill. This treeman was sold to me on ebay as a GW model, although I had never seen him in any GW catalog before and it seems like I am not the only one left with no clue as where he's from.

White primer. (yes, I prefer white over black)

First layer of fur brown. White obviously shining through.

First wash with Reikland Fleshshade.

One more layer of Fur Brown and Reikland Fleshshade. From this point I really got into a painting drive...

...and kept moving forward by adding the dark green first, then add the lighter greens that would turn eventually into white until I was done. Mushrooms got some Skeleton Bone to stand out further.

When I started to paint this treeman, I realized that I need to invert the way one normally paints a mini with the darker colors in the recesses and the brighter colors on top. In a tree, the young wood is at the inside whereas the old wood, which eventually forms the bark, is on the outside. Hence the lighter Fur Brown colors the deeper layers of wood whereas the outside got an initial layer of dark Oak Brown that I mixed Angel Green into in a second step. That way I got a live dark green bark that still looked "woody" and not like a meadow. From there I just added lighter greens for highlights until I eventually ended up doing the parasites by adding pure white into the current green mix.

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