Ika Class Mechanical Squid

The Ika in submerged state.
The Ika in floating state as it attacks.

After last night's post, +Neil Laughlin asked to see some close-ups of the Ika and here they are. :-)

Painting the Ika was very straight forward. Unlike all other DW models, which were primed white, I primed the Ika black to give it a more menacing and less glorious look.

After that it was two coats of red, one coat of Iyanden Darksun followed by a coat of gold followed by Dark Tone ink, and the tentacles were simply drybrushed with some sort of metal color.

For the water I started with dark green where I continuously added dark blue and a lighter shade of grey in a wet blending process until the ripples started to pop out.

Every problem can be solved with more ships

I am currently on a roll. Within the last 48 hours, I have finished (from left to right) one DFA-170 Class Bomber, the Kiyohime Assault Class Carrier, the Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro, the Ika Class Mechanical Squid (submerged and floating), four Uwatsu Class Frigates, and three Nakatsu Class Cruiser. :-D

Now if that looks like I haven't even completed a starter box yet: pictured above are the remaining models of my second starterbox. :-D In fact my spreadsheet tells me I have painted 77% of my army. :-)

Still to go on my painting table:
6 Yurgi Class Destroyer
3 Inari Class Scout Gyro
11 Tiny Flyers

And as an added bonus:

1 Olympic Class Troop Transport

which I will do last. :-)