Back at the painting table

Painting and American Football, an excellent combo.

Currently I mostly the painting aspects of the hobby as it goes well together with American Football on Sunday nights. Now that the season is over I may return to listening to podcasts again or Horus Heresy books on Audible.
Lately I have been listening to Dan Abnett's Legion where he is doing a great job at providing insight into the character of the Alpha Legion without revealing too much of the mystery that shrouds them.

On my painting table I finally took the dive and started to paint up Brother Tolmeron that my sister-in-law gave me fro Christmas:

First coat of Mephiston Red.
First wash with Dark Shade.
All base colors.
Base colors and a few details.

More details. Also quite happy with layering the red armor on this model.

Then a rather special moment for me obviously was the release of the Blood of Baal expansion and the new Mephiston model:

One of the most difficult infantry models I had to put together.
I took Mephiston as an occasion to try the new contrast paints as well and I am pleased with the results.

Last but not least I decided to add a capable Primaris retinue to my new Primaris HQ choices:

Hellblasters - the first time I primed miniatures in... beige?

I also got this bad boy.

I particularly liked on this one how the first black coat turned out to be really thin and smooth.

New Primaris Chaplain with base colors done.

This chaplain wanted a new home, too, and I were not a Blood Angels player if I said "No" to a new chaplain.