Best Blood Angels ever

Mattias Lundmark from Sweden paints the best Blood Angels I have ever seen. He is doing a successor chapter called the Flesh Eaters and is sporting a vampiric theme at the brink of Chaos.
(In earlier Games Workshop lore, the whole Blood Angels followed a vampiric theme and as Matthias says, there’s a thin line between good and evil sometimes.)


A glorious defeat

From Warhammer

Last Saturday’s fun tournament lived up to its promises as it really was fun. In a comfortable setting we played three games, admired each other’s painting style, and looked up rules in case they were not quite clear.
I for my part ranked on place 9 out of 12, so my stats don’t look that good initially. We played three times the Annihilation Mission that gives you one killpoint for every enemy unit that got completely destroyed. Based on killpoints, I won two games and tied the third. However, for the tournament’s ranking victory points were counted (=a destroyed unit’s actual worth) so I quickly fell behind with my expensive Assault Squads.
This tournament was also a great event to get to know people on a national level as they traveled from Basel, Luzern and St. Gallen to Z├╝rich. Most notably I found that the other Blood Angels player from Basel is also a psychologists, so there definitely seems to be a connection. ;-)


2 vs 2

From Warhammer

Last Saturday, O Shova and I were teaming up for a game against Orcypark and Cornynan. In other words, we were playing Blood Angels + Tau against Orkz and Chaos Marines. O Shova and I concentrated on a battle of encirclement and annihilation of the large Boyz Mobz which perfectly worked like a Swiss clock, but due to a couple bad dice rolls we still lost when the Meganobz and Plague Marines were breaking through our flank.
Oh well, we had a good time and next time the Sons of Sanguinius and the Young Race will succeed. :-)


Recently at Oliware

From Warhammer

I have finished painting my first 1’000 points worth of Blood Angels and brought them into action yesterday at Oliware. My list achieved one victory against Space Orkz(although a narrow one) and one draw against the Tau Empire.
This brings my all time Blood Angels W-D-L chart to 1-1-1.


Guten Tag, mein Name ist Lemartes

Finally, my Blood Angels’ Death Company has made it out of the paint shop:
From Warhammer


A new good boy in da hood

A new Blood Angel Captain was in the mail today. The conversion is absolutely unique and not to be found a 2nd time, so I am rather proud to be the new owner. :-D
Well, finally I got a miniature to represent Parcival in 40K. ;-)


Capt. Secundus Tychogenus

Well, now it’s time for “Before” and “After”. My company captain is finished, all he needs now is a coat of matt varnish before he hits the gaming tables.


Blood Angels 3rd Company

I finally took the first step and started to work on my Blood Angels 3rd Company. On the following pictures the two primary HQ units, i.e. my Captain and a Chaplain. My 3rd Company is rather scout oriented, so that’s why my Captain is made of scout bits and wears a jump pack as the Blood Angel Chapter is an assault force.
The Captain has magnetized backpacks so he may either fly or ride in a Rhino tank:
The same goes for the Chaplain (although not pictured) so he can join the Death Company either on foot or in the air: