Heresy Thousand Sons Test Model

After I have had monochrome Heresy Thousand Sons for years now, I finally painted my first test model. As usual, the eyes took quite some patience and several attempts and I obviously suck at freehands, but I think for tabletop quality it can pass. What do you think?

This is how this guy previously looked (I'll add the Bolter later again):


5 minutes till Heresy Ahriman and Standard Bearer

A new Thousand Sons Tactical Marine to make my first Pesedjet complete. This guy is made entirely of loyalist Space Marine parts except for the Bolter and his head. This gives him a clean look, yet especially his mouth piece gives him a slightly creepy and tainted look.

Don't know why, but my recent military service strongly triggered my desire to continue on my heresy era Thousand Sons. After the creation of my first Tactical Squad I now wanted to do Ahzec Ahriman plus a Standard Bearer for the Command Squad.

Ahzek Ahriman bits rundown:

  • the main cast is Incantator Daniael from Hitech Miniatures.
  • the blade is from Kromlech.
  • the scarab (on the belly, right underneath the book) is from a GW Khemri kit.

Standard Bearer Bits rundown:
  • the main body is from loyalist Space Marine body parts.
  • the Bolt Pistol and the backpack are from the Chaos Space Marines Tactical Squad.
  • the face is from the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard kit.
  • the Egyptian ornament on his head is from Scibor's Egyptian Parts kit.
  • the pole is from a Khemri or Lizardmen kit, forgot which.
  • the top of the standard is from Incantator Daniael from Hitech Miniatures.