GW lives in a parallel universe

Really. GW always appears awkward and clumsy to me when they are trying to explain to their readers how they turn their army into a winning army. Their tactics may work in their local metagame, but when I read their advice I always get the thought “there are ways that let you hit still way harder”.
I just ran across their blog post on on how to kill a Blood Angel. It shows the general GW symptoms of overly hyping the latest releases (Storm Raven and Furioso Dreadnought in this case) and then offering meager advice on how to counter the threat:
Blood Angels can be a bit trickier to take down as they have Death Company and Assault Squads as troop units too, but the principle is the same.
Umm, you noticed in the Codex that Death Company can’t hold objectives, right? Just outrun them.
Take a look in your Codex to find the weapon with the biggest blast, highest strength and lowest AP, it’s guaranteed to cause a few worried faces.
Unless the Blood Angels player is sporting an Honor Guard equipped with Melta Guns, in that case the worried face is probably yours.
However, he comes my favorite part (added bold type face for emphasis):
Walkers are a great way to hold up Blood Angels units that would otherwise be chewing through your weaker squads or holding objectives. As long as the Blood Angels don’t have a power fist or a thunder hammer in the unit, your walker will be practically invincible.
Hello? GW? Reality check? Have you recently been playing games outside your dorm rooms and noticed what every Sergeant is equipped with?

Blood Angels Assault Squad